The iPad experience

After a week with this device my mind begins to wander in a forest of unknowns about what has happened with the introduction of this little piece of hardware. It is disruptive technology that is not generative from a software aspect but definitely generative to end usage. It fits the bill of ‘thinking differently’. It is something very new and very different.
The first thing you notice is the outstanding clarity of the screen and what you are viewing. Bluntly put those personal pictures in Photos recapture the moment by their excellence of being so distinctive. Reading books (iBooks, Kindle app, Kobo app) is enjoyable.
Ease of navigating on the desktop and in programs is noticeable but you don’t understand why until you start thinking of where you are coming from. Up until now you used the mouse for pointing an arrow. Your hand had to translate to the mouse some sort of direction. With the iPhone you were doing something different but due to the limited screen size it was overlooked. (thumbing is numbing) Now it is the direct pointing of a finger that gets you there. This seems very natural and you experience a different flow when you need to do something. You arrive at the solution without something having to be interpreted (your hand and mouse actions). It is almost subliminal.
There is a lack of software at this point but you can see it growing similar to the iPhone at its infancy. The key is the ability to be able to easily acquire information to digest it. This is core to what this device does. It expands your ease to dialogue and you can see the tight integration of flowing information out to  social media platforms -Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Instapaper, etc. It may be just the thing that expands your networking ability.
The finger you have is not necessarily the best to draw with. You need a pencil finger and some of us have more of a broom handle finger. Tough to get used to but then again this should change with use and practice.
I got to try it out at the dentist and doctor’s office this week. No more stale magazines! You can get some quality work time in with this device. It really will become more of a portable desktop than anything else you have used before. Remember this is the initial rollout. There are limitations but they are solvable in time. It is here to stay and get better. Rome wasn’t built in a day. (This entry wasn’t typed on an iPad but you can see that it soon will be.)

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