Wash day

I got the Beetle today so had a very nice drive to work. The thing really goes fast and it is a lot of fun to drive. It does seem in this hot weather that every tree imaginable drips some sappy substance. Maybe it is tree sweat. The problem is with all the trees at home and at work it is tough finding a place that you can park without being under some trees. That said it was time to wash the car and get it clean again. 

Besides being nice to drive it is nice to wash. It has half the surface area of the other vehicle and you don’t have to stand on the bumper to get the roof done. There isn’t a square corner of any sort, everything is round. Half the water, half the soap, half the time. Not a bad deal.

It got me to thinking about the various consumables we constantly use. Do we really need all that extra large, super size, jumbo, buy two get one free stuff? Most items didn’t exist 50 years ago or were with us in some other form and we seemed to get by. The General Motors incident seems to show that you should build a model on a sustainable level. Maybe we should rethink what we consume to something along the same lines. There seems to be limits to a lot of things we use and the sooner we realize that this is not a ‘bad’ thing maybe the better off we will all be.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Wash day

  1. Here’s a very random factoid that I know only due to me being a Porsche nut in my teens and 20s. Ferdinand Porsche designed the original Beetle as a contract designer for VW right around WWII. The round-shape design came from it being the only shape that they could dip in paint (a new technique at the time) and not leave runs. A unexpected by-product was the Beetle being the first aerodynamic vehicle ever produced.

    I guess another unexpected by-product is that it’s way easier to wash! As Vince from the Shamwow infomercials says. “You know the Germans always make good stuff.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsQcyhBsSjI&

    I know – very random!

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