McAlpine does it again

The creative ninja from Chilliwack, Tim McAlpine has delivered another video for the Your Symposium hosted by Forum Solutions in October.

Of course he is going to get together his posse and take over the 2nd morning with the young at heart. But Tim you have to look at yourself in the mirror. You are a Gen Xer. Your the Brand X of the generation pool. These young guys have more energy and are quicker than you. Us Boomers know to stay out of zone that that they create. My kids are Gen Y so there is some history to learn here. They will take you in because you are a nice guy. They will put up with you because you have that creative energy. But Tim you are a marketeer not a mouseketeer. Develop the Young and Free platform, get everyone excited but remember – the Boomers are your real friends. You don’t have to go over to the other side like that. Hoodie? Next you’ll be skateboarding and into graffiti and you will be listening to You Say Party We Say Die.

Seriously anyone reading this and has gotten this far needs to know Tim and I are friends, right Tim? What we both agree upon is that this is by far the best event you can attend and here are some reasons why.

  • you will meet people who have fantastic points of view.
  • you will have ample opportunity for discussions.
  • you will probably meet some people you have never met before but have read their blogs and twitter postings.
  • you will meet the most gracious hosts (Forum Solutions) ever, period.
  • the food is lots of and great.
  • this is the most real symposium with the most real people you can imagine.
  • what you learn and hear will churn in your head for a long time.
  • there is a magical, caring quality about this event that is unique and must be experienced.
  • it will not let you down, it will exceed your expectations.

Sign up, be there, keep Tim happy. This happening is about great people and socializing with them. The media stuff and marketing is the value add on.

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5 thoughts on “McAlpine does it again

  1. Thanks for the post as we appreciate your support and promotion of the sympsosium. We are in the process of finalizing a couple more sponsors so we are more than good in this category. We just need 34 more pledged attendees to green light this event. Some more content providers would be beneficial. I hope Ron does submit an entry for the profitables – baby boomers.

  2. I’ll echo Gene’s comments regarding Your Symposium. Thankfully, I live about 5 minutes from FORUM, so this is the most convenient conference of the year. I attended my first Symposium last year and left inspired, motivated, and with a new perspective on the future of the credit union movement.

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