Saturday and its raining

Woke up this morning with a very bad cold. Thought I could get to work but didn’t even make it to the bathroom. With ample medication I am now mobile to some point.

Jen Lowther has written an interesting post on 10 things that will not make me follow you on Twitter. They are all pretty good but I had to disagree with #8. I think protecting your Tweets allows you a greater degree of choice in who follows you. I have had numerous requests for someone to be a follower but when I quickly glance at the home Twitter site or their blog most get turned down. Why? There doesn’t seem to be anything in common between us. Why would someone in Serbia who is 20 years old and looking for a husband follow me or a used car salesman in North Carolina? Both had thousands of followers so what is their real purpose in amassing this many followers? It just seems to be somewhat prudent to have this function setup rather than spending time gleaning your followers list every few months.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Saturday and its raining

  1. Thanks for the post. As a relatively new user to Twitter, it’s a good list for the beginner and a seemingly nice reminder for anyone that may have fallen into a bad habit or two.

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