More Cowbell

Sometimes you step into something that becomes a bit surreal.

Last week I tiwttered about listening to an old song that had a cowbell, asking about any other songs that had cowbells. There were some responses with one stating had I ever seen the SNL “More Cowbell” piece. I hadn’t ( if I had I would never have tiwttered that question! ) and quickly found it. In fact there was a fair bit about cowbells. There is even an iPhone app called More Cowbell.

To get the ultimate experience with the tragic little device here is some ultimate cowbell usage. The Olympics are coming here in 2010. Now there will be excuse not to have a cowbell on the downhill races.

The moral of this story, never be afraid to ask a question on Twitter. It will lead you to a mountain of totally useless information.

Author: tinfoiling


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