Sick at home

I would like to thank some of the people I work with for passing on this flu/cold bug. It is such a delight to be bed ridden, hacking your lungs out, bored to tears.

It isn’t so much that you don’t feel well. It is the boredom that sets in when you can’t do anything. The medication seems to help but I think it works more from that resounding memory from your childhood when your mother said, “take your medicine and you will feel better”. As a child you believed your mother, as an adult you believe the memory. Another benefit of marrying a nurse is the wonderful care you get as a patient. It sometimes is worse than your mother. I keep hearing this voice that men are such babies when they are sick. No we aren’t babies, we are just plain sick. We don’t go to doctors and when sickness appears it is big and it is real. There is going to be some feedback from the family on this one.

Yesterday was CU Day and from the emails just read it was a resounding success, again. Probably about 10% of the membership showed up. Nala and her daughter from Currency were there. Sorry I missed everyone. Now its back to bed with my apple juice, kleenex and radio. I gotta get better because this boredom is killing me.

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