Another BarCampBankBC advertisement

Tim and William have done recent posts about BarCampBankBC which amply speak of what it is about. I can only repeat what they have already said.

This will be my 4th BarCampBank and one that hopefully will start “to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.” in our geographic area and beyond. This direction is long overdue.

I have repeated numerous times that the ability and opportunity for financial institutions to create new products and services has never been better. All of the building blocks are there. The only hampering item is ourselves. We have created structures that make it difficult to foster innovation. We fail to keep our eyes focused on the end event and get caught up in the mundane and minuscule processes. Yes the devil is in the details but that should not be the excuse to limit our ability to be creative. This event is going to have some very interesting people attending. There are a few that I don’t see listed that will also be mentioned.

• Tim McAlpine – the creative genius of Currency Marketing.

• William Azaroff – the man behind Change Everything at Vancity.

• Morriss Partee – the New Englander whose CU Everything is a wealth of knowledge for CUs.

• Nala Henkel – another smart cookie from Currency

• Nancy Zimmerman – one of the most energetic and outspoken bankers I know, and she has heart.

• Stephen Akhurst – a very intelligent Central 1 consultant, he puts together the Innovation Awards for CUs in BC.

• Denise Wymore- Watch out when she starts talking about her pet peeves.

• Matt Vance – who wouldn’t like anyone from Bellingham?

• Boris Mann – the Drupal guy who makes things happen.

• Tripp Johnson – don’t know Trip but know about the Gonzo Banker people.

• Wendy Lachance – Coast Capital’s mobile expert.

• Kate Dugas – the other half of Change Everything at Vancity.

• Andy LaFlamme – another New Englander whose points of view are articulate and insightful. (Don’t get him and Morriss together for a Guitar Hero event!)

• Brent Dixon – one of the most creative people I know of.

• Dana Dekker – he was the force behind MACUs success.

• Roland Tanglao – if you want to know anything about mobile phones ask Roland.

• Caleb Chang – Caleb wears Hawaiian shirts on Monday, need I say more?

• David Drucker – a GUI expert and an ex-Bostoner (Bostonite? some one help me here).

• Laurel McJannet – she is from Verity which says it all.

• Mark Sadowski – Anyone from New Mexico has to be mentioned.

• Jeffry Pilcher – if you want to talk to Jeffry make sure all your ducks are in a row.

Who is missing? Ron Shevlin, Charlie Trotter, anyone from the Garland Group, Christian Mullins, anyone from Indianna or the Carolinas and a number of others.

Seriously if you haven’t attended a BarCampBank before this is your chance. You will not regret it. Don’t let the $35 registration fee paint it as a non-event. You will come away with some truly invaluable insights you won’t find anywhere else. It is an international event.

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8 thoughts on “Another BarCampBankBC advertisement

  1. You don’t know how badly I/we want to make it but unless we can sneak into Brent’s napsack, we can’t afford it.

    Wonder if I can get a loan from Mount Lehman? Hmmm…. 🙂

  2. Gene,

    I do think this will be the best BarCampBank yet – and not just becuase it’s in Canada – but because the people that are coming are really developing a bond…virtually…and are excited (or at least I am) to meet Magnum Monday dude and Currency Nala and Jeffry Pilcher! Can you believe I’ve never met Pilcher!

    I’ve been Pilchered, and Shevlined…’s gonna be great!


  3. I feel awful that I can’t make it…my favorite CU people in the entire world will be up there, and I will be home being Dad for my 17-month old son.

    I’m totally missing out on good friends, good discussion, and a world of knowledge that no doubt will be shared at BCBBC. Hope to be able to swing it next time around.

  4. This is my first BarCamp and I’m looking forward to seeing my Twitter friends whom I have yet to meet in person. And, of course to reconnect with my favorite Canadians.

    “• Laurel McJannet – she is from Verity which says it all.”

    Um, no pressure. Gulp.

  5. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it Gene. The lineup looks like an excellent one, and as I’ve told you before, BC (and Vancouver) is on the short list of vacation destinations.

    I’ll be sure to make it out there next year. Until then, have a great time. I can’t wait to read all about it!

    Christian Mullins

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