Batteries, hamsters and daisies

This morning my MacBook Pro started to freeze up. There was no response to the keypad or trackpad no matter what. I tried booting about 6 times all with the same problem. Dug out the CD and rebooted but again it didn’t work. Holding the ‘C’ key down wasn’t being seen by the Mac so it started to boot from the hard drive again. The only solution left was to take the battery out and let the machine ‘die’ from a complete lack of power. After putting the battery back Voila! everything is back to normal. It wasn’t that scary as I did have a current backup I could get to.

I wonder if sometimes life could be like that. Brent’s post today talked about him feeling like a hamster. I don’t know about you but his words rung pretty true. You tend to just get stuck with all the noise around you. Then you realize most of this crap is not life threatening, it is just noise. I just wish I could remove the battery and get a quick restart but that isn’t going to happen. You need to take care of what needs to be taken care of, just slow down and become human again instead of machine like. We need to remove ourselves of the A + B algorithm that becomes our existence and get outside and pick a few daisies. So if you get to do that today make sure you are barefoot and don’t step on the worms!

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Batteries, hamsters and daisies

  1. Bettery resets that work really well for me include

    **10 minutes’ quiet, preferrably “constructive rest,” if I’m working from home. This makes my breathing better!

    **10 minutes’ (or on personal time, more minutes’!) positive conversation with someone who really understands my world

    **a good hard lap swim

    I need these resets a LOT more often than a Mac needs a batter removed. But I had to do that recently, too!

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