The dangers of self-promotion or what clothing does the Emperor wear?

I am going to go out on a limb here. I have been reading a lot of blog posts over the years but there seems to be a stream of self-gratulation that is fast becoming a river. Some posts take a point, expand on it, and offer some thoughtful critique and whether you agree or not, bring home that the world really is round not flat. That the world we live in has various meanings and perspectives and not anyone group has all the answers. They are usually intriguing and thought provoking.

Now, I see much more subliminal writing that purports to have a unique point of view but really is representing a business. Hans Christian Anderson wrote a fairy tale ‘The Emperors New Clothes’. Though considered a fairy tale there is a school of thought that says the stories were satires on the Danish way of life. There seems to be a similar set of clothing being offered in the blogosphere. The bias is for business, and the posts do not necessarily distinguish the framework for further discussion. Sure we can all throw in little ads of our accomplishments but when the blog becomes solely a business grandizement and that under the guise of an individual, it really isn’t a blog. It is more a subliminal message of a business.

What eventually will happen is those blogs get glanced at rather than read and eventually they get dropped of the daily reading list. I am glad there are more and more blogs being written because the choice to read something mentally stimulating is important.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “The dangers of self-promotion or what clothing does the Emperor wear?

  1. Boy this one hits close to home for me. As a business owner and ‘social media peddler’ as they call it on Open Source CU, I am always caught in the middle as I sit at my keyboard contemplating my next blog post.

    I hope I am adding value to the conversation and am not too salesy about what I do.

    It’s tough to separate for me. After all, my online handle is CurrencyTim. My company and personal brand are all mixed together.

    Sounds like your vacation was incredible. Say hi to Larissa at the CUCO conference and we’ll see you when you get back to BC.

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