I don’t usually think much about food except when hunger strikes. Everyone has their own favourites and dislikes (parsnips). Some say we are what we eat or when in Rome, eat what the Romans eat.

Today was shopping day. The fridge was bare so instead of going to Netto as the habit of the past, went to Irma. The prices are higher and there is a greater selection of product. And here is where the story starts.

First you need to forget about the prices. They are different and you will not be able to make rhyme or reason of them. Good bottle of French wine $12, Castello blue cheese $3, 6 eggs $5, 1 litre of 3.5 % pasturized, not homogenized milk for $2, $8 for a loaf of bread.

Here is the scoop on the product.

• Castello blue cheese – a creamier blue cheese with a less pungent taste. Wonderful zing to the taste buds.

• eggs – huge eggs probably the size of a small goose egg. Dark orange yolk.

• Karse – don’t know what you call this in English (cress?) but you put it on any open faced sandwich. I put it on cheese. It comes in a small container and you cut off with a scissor, these small stemmed leafs. They are very small. Has a piquant-mild taste.

• The milk – this is ecologically produced, only pasturized not homogenized, packaged and available for purchase in less than 24 hours after it leaves the cow. Tastes very fresh.

• bread – this is by far the best bread I have ever tasted and the small bakery is right across the street from where I am staying. It is expensive but two slices make a meal. It is handmade and cooked in a wood burning oven. Imagine this with fresh milk and a variety of toppings – blue cheese, Danish butter, Danish butter with strawberry jam, sliced tomatoes with karse, etc.

One of the best things about traveling is the taste and smells that you do not encounter anywhere else. There are also those memories that are associated with what you eat and smell. Yesterday when that bread, butter and strawberry jam had its first bite taken, there was a sudden memory of Svendborg, Denmark 35 years ago. Those are times you don’t bother to try and understand why, you just savour and enjoy such a simple pleasure.

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