End of day or eod in CU speak

Getting ready to head home after a busy day and caught up on the Twitters and Pownces. Tim gets an international lunch and Charlie posts something very nice.

This morning in the Globe and Mail, the front page had a number of articles about the Presidential race south of us. For a Canadian who has lived so close to the border for most of his life and who feels such warmness for the people of the U.S., this race to the election is being watched closely. One realizes when one travels throughout the U.S. (27 states) the political realities are different than here at home. There are mountains of books written on our differences and our similarities. Whether we agree with one side or another it is everyone’s right to voice that freedom and most of our fathers or grandfathers spent some time out of the country 65 years ago to maintain that freedom. What I deem so important to both countries is that our unique relationships continue no matter what the political choice. When you travel north on the I5 and get to the border you see the white Peace Arch. If you ever get a chance stop there and walk through the portal. It mentions the longest undefended border in the world. There is a lot written there that speaks of who we are and what all of us earnestly desire.

I’m going home. Tomorrow night I will be away and off-line for a few days. We all need a rest.

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2 thoughts on “End of day or eod in CU speak

  1. I love my friends south of the 49th and often I identify more with them than I do with my fellow Canucks. I join in the hope that whatever political skew this next election brings, we maintain the relationship with our American neighbours (Cdn spelling).

    I live 10 minutes from the Peace Arch crossing. I enjoy bringing my family to picnic there and we usually do the walk thru the arch. It is a good reminder. Make sure you should drop by for coffee or a meal the next time you cross, Gene.

    Enjoy your days of rest.

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