Why I am changing from Twitter to Pownce

This is a tough decision. There are a lot of people that you connect with on Twitter but in the last few weeks I am getting frustrated. Using Twitteriffic is good but there seems to be missing posts. Conversations and threads have holes in them or you miss someones’ single brilliant post. I ended up flipping back to the browser to get some completeness in posting and that was a step back.

Caleb (that creative genius) mentioned Pownce so I tried it out. Sorry to say this but this is what microblogging and Twitter should be. Here’s what impressed me:

– I don’t have to constantly condense my message if it doesn’t fit. Sure Twitter keeps things short and limited but it was taking more time to fit the message than write the message.

– I haven’t tried this but you can grouo your friends. The possibility of sending a message to a specific group (family, work, bloggers) was something I had only wished for.

– has a number of additional features that could prove useful (event posting, file transfer, links).

– introduction to Adobe Air which is very well done.

– etc.

So to all my fellow Twitter family members you maybe should start exploring. What was that byline in that TV commercial “Try it, you’ll like it!”

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9 thoughts on “Why I am changing from Twitter to Pownce

  1. I’m with you — both philosophically and in terms of moving.

    I don’t know how many people are in your Twitter community, but of the 50 or so people who I “follow” and who “follow me” (I HATE those terms), I don’t think it would be too hard to coordinate a transition date.

    How about, starting Feb 12 midnight (in whatever time zone you’re in), no more tweets. Only… um, what do you call a Pownce message?

  2. Thanks for the compliment.

    I was hoping that I could test the waters a little more before giving a thorough recommendation of Pownce. This microblogging platform is definitely not perfect, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I’ve upgraded to Pro for $20/year because I want to support the development of Pownce.

    On a personal note, Pownce has been the straw that broke this camel’s back. I’ve cautiously moved from lurker to commenter to microblogger. I finally believe it’s time that I start blogging. My goal is to have my first post up by the weekend. Thanks Gene for the equipping me with some cool tools to get this job done.

    My profile name on Pownce: Caleb Chang

  3. No one has mentioned the impact of what is actually happening. This is the great “Word of Mouth” at it’s most powerful.

    One person made an offhand remark about trying out Pownce. Then he came back and said “Hey, this is pretty cool – come check it out.”

    I think that over the weekend, 20 out of 50 of the regular CU Twits, have shifted over just to take a look. Inside of a week, there could be a complete migration.

    What if that happened inside of a credit union?

    Does social media work? I think we have just seen it in action.

  4. The number one application for Adobe’s AIR platform appears to be twitter clients. I tested 3 out today. Tweetr, twhirl and Spaz. twhirl and Spaz are open source projects with a better feature set than Twitterific and Tweetr. However, Spaz needs prozac. It was quite unstable on my MacBook. I hate to sound corny, but give twhirl a whirl.

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