Time just seems to move on

Yesterday we were informed of the passing away of a dear person we knew and loved. Laurie was the wife of Marjun’s cousin and had suffered from cancer for over 2 years. She was a Canadian who had lived in Denmark and understood what it meant to be part of that society. We had so many interesting discussions over the years about Denmark and its people from a Canadian perspective. She was always so kind to the boys and put herself out whenever we saw her. She was the kind of person you never forgot, someone you could automatically connect with no matter how long it had been since the last time you visited with her. She was such a strong person, sure of herself, who had such a wonderful way of stating her opinion, letting you know that you were wrong but never making you feel that way. She will be missed by so many people. We will not forget you Laurie.

It is so sad when people pass on. It always shocks me when that person is younger than me. It doesn’t seem right no matter what. And at the same time Laurie passed away another friend and his wife, who I have known since he was a youngster, had their second son. On that same day two households, one with joy the other with sorrow. How can you feel with those two absolutes? One just sits back as time moves on and you say to yourself, that is what today has brought you.

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One thought on “Time just seems to move on

  1. I have been very lucky in that I have rarely had to deal with death. My mother had only one sibling and my father was an only child, leaving myself and my three siblings a very small pool of family members with which death is an option.

    My grandmother (mom’s mom) passed away on Christmas Eve ’07. She was 91, and in seemingly perfect health. It was a shock to all of us that this amazing, assumed-to-be immortal woman could be taken from us.

    I had been blessed with my first child in April, and here I was losing my grandmother. The first time I’m presented with the miracle of new life, I’m struck with the realities of death. I guess it’s the circle of life, or whatever, but it doesn’t seem right. Death is much too finite, much too unscrupulous, to be understood by any of us. Your conclusion is so right: all we can do is do the most with each day we can because tomorrow is not guaranteed to us.

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