Monday morning is only 2 coffees old

Today is typical. Rain. So your mood as you climb (or fall) out of bed is a bit sombre. I have only 4 things to do today. Call someone about a possible mortgage. (When you are in the credit union business people always call you – they trust your advice.) Then I have to start on getting 55 congregational graphs together for a package the BC Synod (Lutheran) wants to send out. The template is made so it is just inputting data and printing out the report. Then it’s off to have lunch with my favourite Jewish lawyer. I love to have these wonderful debates with him about technology, law and theology. And finally because it is Monday it’s my night to cook. A real eventful day huh?

You are always challenged to keep your private and business life separate but they meld at times. It’s like being told to be schizophrenic in order to manage who you are. You can’t keep everything in separate jars though. Things, responsibilities and patterns of life are not set down in a distinct line that follows the precise A to Z or 1 to 100 pattern. Remember those small books you would get as a kid that had all of those “connect the dot” pages. Your start at one and connect the dots in numeric order. When you reach the last number you’ve drawn a picture (straight lined, not curved). You start your day thinking you have the complete picture planned and only have to connect the dots. By the end of the day though that picture you thought you would draw and the one that is in front of you sometimes don’t resemble each other. Your day just hasn’t gone as planned.

I have realized that no matter how hard you try you are always going to get two pictures. And that is ok. That is what life is about. There will always be those random events and circumstances that make up the day. And when you think about it would you really want it different. It’s pretty interesting having life’s randomness.

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One thought on “Monday morning is only 2 coffees old

  1. “You are always challenged to keep your private and business life separate but they meld at times.”

    You are so right. And yet, companies continue with policies of offering 2, 3, or 4 weeks of “vacation” every year. What an incredibly outdated notion that is.

    We haven’t, unfortunately, moved to measuring “output/results” from measuring “input/time”.

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