BC Lions Fanfest

Yesterday I was out at the BC Lions FanFest in Abbotsford. This year we decided to purchase season tickets for the Lions so this was a great place to start, seeing the players and fans. There was a lot of things for the kids and it was just too bad it was raining.
My days with the Lions go back to 1963 when my cousin and I went to just about every game as members of the BC Lions Quarterback club. For 50 cents you got into every game with seats in the end zone. The view wasn’t always great but what did you now you were a kid. I remember one game with Calgary and Willie Fleming running from our 15 yard line right up the middle for a touchdown. They went to the Grey Cup lost and went again in 1964 to win it. Then in 1977 had seasons tickets when Jerry Tagge was winning games that they shouldn’t have. That was an amazing year. So the question this year is will they be able to repeat last year? Who knows. Going to the FanFest made winning not as important as it sometimes seems. You know you are getting old though when some of the players refer to you as ‘sir’. liona.jpg

Author: tinfoiling


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