Politics, religion and business

The Globe & Mail had some letter to the editor speaking to the issue of the division of state and religion. We have all heard it before, not much new. But this got me to thinking. If citizens of a democracy demand the separation of church and state then it would come naturally that citizens demand the separation of business and state. Neither the church or business are given ballots to elect representatives so why should they have any influence greater than a single citizen?

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One thought on “Politics, religion and business

  1. “Separation of church and state” = separation of a particular organized religion and the state. For example, official functions shouldn’t be accompanied by sacrifices, prayers or other religious customs honoring a particular god or set of gods.

    In a similar way there already is separation between business and religion. Official functions aren’t accompanied by a toast in a particular brand name soft drink or wine.

    Elected officials may of course refer to their own superstitions when it comes to how they vote. If they find the number 13 particularly unlucky, they may vote against a highway extension because it is 13 km long; and if they belong to an organized superstition, they can check in with their guru and get advice/directions on how they should vote about particular topics.

    Obviously this latter behavior is very undemocratic (nobody elected the guru to the democratic body), but in a democratic society there’s only one way to avoid it: Don’t vote for the guru’s followers.

    Same way with business: Don’t vote for people whose vote is determined by friends and contributors in business.

    (Semi-professional button-pusher :-))

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