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Great news. Scott Baldwin from North Shore Credit Union has a blog. A remarkable person from a remarkable credit union.

William Azaroff from Vancity also has a blog going. William’s blog links to a posting by Ron Shelvin from Epsilon titled “Dear Credit Union: If You’re Going to Blog…

I always enjoying reading lists. Simple and to the point. Ron has a list (which he readily opens with the phrase “At the risk of overstepping the boundaries of my expertise…”) which points to some pretty practical recommendations. Remembering that blogging is an art and not a science it has been a slow evolution of information written about blogs and blogging. There is no codex so don’t bother looking for it. I remember talking to Matt Mullenweg a few years ago at Gnomedex. What was amazing about Matt is that he didn’t talk about WordPress but spoke of blogging and the passion he and others had for it. That is really the key more than anything else to writing a blog. And it shows time and time again with a variety of bloggers.

When you think of the core elements of this medium (reading and writing) you realize that text and literary skills are as important as pictures and videos when conveying messages. Short, distinct messages that are well thought out carry the day. Post regularly is the standard. If people like what you write they want to read what you write. They don’t want to wait long periods of time before the next posting. There are some excellent blogs out there that for some reason become dinosaurs. It is appreciated when someone who is blogging decides to hang up the keyboard and tells you such. Links are important and should be used generously. That is what makes social networking actually work. You could never plan what is going to happen to any extent because it just happens. There are always surprises out there. And that is what makes you blog and entices you to read blogs. One final thought, never let fear or ignorance govern what you write. Nobody wants to read issues drawn from that.

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