Nice and honest

It is sometimes amazing to hear people begin to discuss some situation and them get agitated and excited. By excited I mean what bothers them or gets them close to angry. It usually stems from someone in some circumstance showing some unkindness or rude behaviour. One doesn’t always hear someone stating how good a particular person is or what they did that was so extraordinary. The conversation tends to follow about the problem and how the person was the cause of it.

I have a bit of theory here. I think people put up with too much because instead of being honest they tend to be nice. Nice supposedly is the way to go these days. Honesty? Forget that because you will loose “friends”, damage relationships and become the loneliest person on the planet. But really by always being ‘nice’ you eventually become the loneliest person on the planet and also have to do a lot of internal damage control. I can remember the condescending remarks of childhood voiced by an adult “Oh isn’t that nice!” That phrase makes me cringe.

So next time you encounter someone who is pulling your chain be honest, don’t be nice. Remember nice is a four letter word.

Author: tinfoiling


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