Lots of talk about rain…

You know the rain is getting to everyone here when everyone starts talking about it. Nobody says much just something like “It sure has been raining”. Some people seem to get depressed over this which is understandable. But when you live in a rain forest what can you expect. The sun was out last Saturday in Winnipeg and it was very nice. But it was -19 C so you couldn’t go for a long stroll in a t-shirt.

I see that our esteemed Burnaby School trustees have voted not to allow the distribution of Gideon Bibles, somethat that has been happening for 60 years. They seemed to have reacted to one complaint. That is a great way to govern. One person complains and we change what has not been a problem for over 60 years. Why do we have governments that move so quickly on the politically correct issues yet when it comes to the hard stuff in usually goes to a consultant for more studies? Note to self: find out who voted for this because at the next election they won’t be getting my vote.


Author: tinfoiling


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