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WestJet is pretty good. The flight home was delayed but the airline people kept you in the loop and they were very friendly. Just their easy way of saying things was different. Mind you the drink and the pretzel package was pretty skimpy. I wonder if any airline will ask if you want to super-size the handout?

Winnipeg was beautiful Saturday morning. It was cold, clear and sunny. The blue sky with the white snow was a stark contrast to the Vancouver rain. The real beauty is that you know you are leaving the next day to daffodil country so it can get as cold as it wants. But this is the prairies and they do have some raw beauty.

Want to check to see if your website is censored in China? Here is the URL to check it out. The site mentions how the Chinese are becoming more sophisticated in this process of blocking. Not much as to specific details as to how and what they are doing though.

Spending too much time reading blogs? Here is the great Wiki piece to sort you through this dilemma. There are always some neat blogs that loose relevance after awhile but the number does grow. I have 3 separate groups that I read each day. One group is about technology, the second is about GTD and the last the general blogs of interest. Between the three there is ample information and some very interesting ideas. You do need to focus on what is useful and what is entertainment.

I saw an ad for a toothbrush that had some additional feature (like toothbrushes can now be bought with options) to brush your tongue. Seemed like a good idea but last weeks Georgia Straight had an article on toothbrushes. Near the end of the article was this “Don’t brush your tongue…By brushing or scraping your tongue, you will create all kinds of changes to the ecology of your tongue. You scrape off bodies of protection called keratin. That’s the body’s protective mechanism against germs.” Don’t brush your tongue is a better idea.

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