The Olimpicks

Michael Geist has written an excellent piece on what the government is doing (Bill C-47) to protect the integrity of this sporting event. Remember it is a sporting event. S-P-O-R-T-I-N-G. Not exactly in the category of something life threatening here. But our caring government has taken the time to make sure that the big ‘O’ will be pristine in every measure. Nothing must tarnish this image.

I’m sorry but what is happening here? Why are we spending this massive amount of $$$ and time for 17 days of watching adults sport in the snow. The truth is that it will probably be more like watching adults in the slush or rain. A friend of ours went to Salt Lake City when the ‘O’ was on. He said that around 45% of the tickets for the opening event were put aside for public dignitaries and the rest of the tickets started at $800 US per seat. I am so waiting for the ticket prices and availability of tickets to be published. By then it will be too late to say anything but it would appear that a very small minority will even be able to afford to attend any event.

Then again there will be such a spirit of co-operation and friendliness that we will all be in a nirvana like state. Until it is over and the bills need to be paid. Before anyone offers any suggestions on what to do we should all re-read the Animal Farm. Somebody is always trying to sell us and then get us to build those windmills.

Author: tinfoiling


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