At the recent Northern Voice 2007 there was a presentation about the Toronto transit-camp and the possibility of one in Vancouver. If there ever was a city that needed something like this it is here. You can’t change the system overnight but there is the possibility of changing little things, bit by bit.

Here is Karen’s post.

There is always the challenge by those at Transit to think this is a challenge to what they do. I think Karen and Will stated at the beginning of their presentation, it was not a complaint session, but an attempt to make what we have better. If that key element is maintained much can be done.

Why do I get enthused about transit? Never used to but something changed. It is a great way to be part of the community. You can hear and see people. You can walk among them. Everyone has the energy to be going somewhere. Plain and simple. A car is like an island moving down a concrete river. No human interaction at all just rubber, gasoline, concrete asphalt and whatever is on your sound system. A vehicle seems devoid of anything.

productimage.jpeg The Discomfort Zone by Johathan Franzen. Great little book that tells stories of the author when he was a child. Reading it is like remembering your childhood. So there were others that felt very uncomfortable about going? Being found out that you were different resulted in Social Death. Good description at the time.

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