Northern Voice 2007

The nicest blogging conference is being held at UBC this year. It is an incredible event because there are such interesting people to meet. You can expend a huge amount of energy keeping up with the speakers and events. And it is a lot of fun. The credit union I work for is helping to sponsor the event with others again this year. Of course it is going to be tough to beat the positive response we got from everyone for our buttons and poster but there are a few things in the works that will make it interesting.
Some would ask why would a small credit union in the Fraser Valley sponsor an event such as this? If it does anything is brings a quiet message to everyone that the credit union movement is alive and well, that it is paying attention to what is happening in the online world and that specifically this credit union has the understanding of what blogging is and what it should be. There is a relationship established in blogging between writers and readers that removes the filtering of any 3rd party influence. And because of this communication people can grasp the signfigance of the stories and ideas presented. It is a new medium, it is evolving, and business should pay closer attention to the voice of the citizen. The other benefit of being there is the creative influence of the attendees. The ideas just flow. If you get a chance (I don’t know the status of the registration but it does fill up quick) consider going. You will not regret it.

Author: tinfoiling


One thought on “Northern Voice 2007

  1. Eek! When I read the words “Credit Union” and “Fraser Valley” I thought about a post I wrote just a few weeks ago about my sworn enemy & nemesis, FVCU/Prospera.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m with another credit union now (which is great) but apparently my post caused a bit of a stir as my referrals from credit union forums and sites indicate.

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