Your webbed feet are showing

Driving to work today should have been more like taking your boat out. Nothing on the freeway went faster than 80 kph. And there was a very simple reason – everyone had to have their windshield wipers on full speed so it was difficult to see, especially while hydroplaning every 100 metres. Along Interprovincial the creeks were small rivers and the fields were soggy. Yes Matilda , we live in a rain forest. And more on the way.

I was listening to CBC Radio 3 podcast and heard 3000 Flowers by Destroyer. Pretty good, really good, great! The tune just catches you and the use of reverberation makes this song an instant classic. Unique, haunting and Bejar comes from Vancouver. See what the rain does to people.

It seems that no matter what people say they are or what they sometimes seem to be it will always be difficult to understand their actions that seem to be so foreign to who they are and what they stand for. One becomes so puzzled and confused when involved in situations with people like that. It is like there is a line in the sand they keep pushing towards you to gain ground. Tomorrow another one appears, then another. You know how it is going to end. The stick they use to draw the sand is going to be politely taken away and broken. Or maybe you will just state the obvious to them “Go pound sand”.

Got the Guns of Navarone on DVD from the library. Another fun night with the 20″ colour Emerson!

Author: tinfoiling


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