Dentists, garagedoors and mechanics

Today I was back in the chair slated for a 60 minute session. Two inlays to put in and I’m out of there. But the temporaries wouldn’t come out so easily, then the rubber dam (does anyone like those things?) and on and on. If something could go sideways today in that chair it did. That’s when, all said and done, you need a good dentist you can trust. My dentist is the best. That’s why it wasn’t that bad.

Garage doors. Doorworks came out to look over this creaking, intermittent up an down double garage door we have. Complete overhaul. You have to appreciate craftsman who take time, do it right and explain everything to you. It works great now. You can hardly hear it.

And finally got the SUV tuned up. First major tuneup with a change of plugs in 3 years and 114,000 km. Everytime I thought it needed a tune-up our mechanic would say no way it is still good. Something to do with platinum plugs. Anyway the thing is ticking like a dream.

When your day gets filled with good people you can trust and do good work for you then I think it is a pretty good day. Because most of the time it is completely the opposite. The one thing that stands out with these guys — they all have a lot of pride in what they do and they do it right the first time.

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