CN, what’s up?

There was a report of yet another derailment by CN, this time leaving two men dead and one in the hospital. Last year the Cheakamaus River was destroyed by a CN derailment. And there are others. I understand that after last year’s mishap they were to keep the number of cars down to a minimum but subsequently applied to have that order lifted.

Now most of us are not train people. The closest we have come to operating a train is the HO gauge in our childhood bedroom. But it doesn’t take an expert to realize something here. BC Rail when it operated the line didn’t have this problem. Now with the new operator there has been nothing but problems. Why does it take the destruction of a river and people loosing their lives to make the authorities wake up? Is the company “too big” to regulate? Or maybe admonishment is the only course some care to choose.

This is not a political process we are talking about. This is the government, who are to be the public’s watchdog in these circumstances, doing what most people would ask– make those that are responsible accountable for their lack of proper judgement. Someone wake up and do something before more mayhem is inflicted.

Author: tinfoiling


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