A full day…

I was out at Currency early this morning having a meeting about our upcoming campaign. As always they have come up with exactly the approach that fits perfectly with us. You get a sense when working on these things that there is a synergy that really moves ideas and thoughts exactly to the place they need to be. When we look back over the past few years at what we have had done and see where we are going it still all fits together with nothing out on the limb. I am pretty excited about this as once again we are going to be doing something that makes our difference a key element on what we do and how we are viewed. It took a few months to get there but creativity is not something you can turn on or off. It is like jello, it has to set a while.

What a difference an hour makes! I was out for a quick walk tonight. It was sunset. And everyone and everyone’s dog was out for a walk. Kids were out with their basketballs, little kids in their designer buggies ( they must call these things something else and definitely not baby buggies) dogs leashed and unleashed and just that new vibrant green that seems to be oozing out everywhere. Spring has sprung!

Author: tinfoiling


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