The Concerts in China

After moving books and CDs around in a number of bookcases, 2 CDs finally appeared; Joni Mitchell’s – Both Sides Now (which is about 2 years overdue at the New Westminster Public Library) and Jean-Michel Jarre’s – The Concerts in China. Joni’s CD is going back immediately. I refused to pay the $27 they wanted as a replacement cost. Now I am wondering what the overdue fine will amount to. I will probably be banned for life from that library!

The Jarre CD is compilation of concerts that he gave in 1982. They were given in Peking and Shanghai (that line should date them immediately). They were the first performances of rock or contemporary music ever given in the People’s Republic of China. There are no lyrics. It is a very interesting and melodic CD. Funny thing is that we bought it on the island of Crete and it still has this cryptic Greek music center tag on the front.

Author: tinfoiling


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