Stoplights and accidents

Yesterday when we were moving the kids to their new place there was a power outage in the area of Costco in Burnaby. In fact Costco was closed when we drove by at noon. The stoplights in the area were out. Now if there is anything I remember when taking the driver’s test it was the question on what to do when you come to an intersection with traffic lights that aren’t working — it becomes a four way stop. Simple. Takes time but works. Always a few that forget the rule but what the heck.
After a few trips back and forth we noticed that the first light off the Gaglardi exchange was not working and it was the most dangerous. Most of the traffic off the freeway was not stopping. They just drove right on through. We all were pretty sure that there was going to be an accident. Sure enough on our final trip home there was. Someone must have been cruising through just off the freeway and broadsided the car making a left hand turn. Ambulance, Fire Deparment, the whole works. It didn’t look too good.
Once again the question to ask — how do some of these people get their drivers licence? from a cereal package or what? Driving is a privilege not a right but it seems most don’t even bother to think in those terms.

Author: tinfoiling


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