‘Tis the Season

Advent began on Sunday. Tomorrow is the first day of December. For me the Christmas Season begins. It would be very nice if the retailers kept all their Christmas decorations on hold until tomorrow instead of putting them up after Hallowe’en. The season would just appear! The credit union gets decorated on Friday morning with the staff putting everything up in the morning. The local nursery, Tanglebank, delivers a few dozen poinsettas and suddenly the place is Christmassy. (Is that a word?) And to top it all off this evening I managed to write two Christmas cards! Boy times are changing.

We are invited to attend the graduation ceremony of my cousin’s son who is about to enter the police force. It should prove interesting. Don’t know what to expect. The law and order types should feel very safe. The rest of us may feel guilty and a little paranoid. Shouldn’t massive numbers of policemen-women make anyone feel paranoid?

Author: tinfoiling


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