Much too long between posts

Now with fall and of course the rains upon us, summer is officially over. The Lions are back to normal hence the mass exodus off their bandwagon. The Canucks are now singing the praises of the Sedin twins. Isn’t life wonderful out here in the Bannana belt?

I have been trying to implement my Getting Things Done components on OmniOutliner after turfing Entourage. It wasn’t that Entourage didn’t do a good job but with the size of everything it was taking longer and longer to move to the various sub-programs. Yesterday I came upon the Kinkless GTD System. (thank goodness for subscribing to mailing lists!). Well Ethan has produced a very basic system for GTD using OminOutliner and it works very well. In fact is works as close to GTD as anything I have seen. Check out his site. Very “Mac” like.

David Allan spoke at length about making sure the system you used was one that you could “trust”. The Kinkless solution really has that going for it. For anyone using GTD try and get to one of David’s seminars. There is lots there that is covered in the book but with a lot of aural background.

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One thought on “Much too long between posts

  1. Gotta love those Sedins… the praises have been sung since draft day… but now the expectations are huge!!

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