Mt. Lehman Fall Fair

Was at the Mt. Lehman Fall Fair today. There certainly wasn’t the number of people there that had been in the past. Even the number of displays seemed to be less. This was the 20th year it has been on and the remarkable thing about this fair is that it is a completely community driven event. There are not many country fairs left and this is certainly an oasis away from the commercially driven fairs.

There is going to be another Northern Voice in February 2006. This is really a neat conference for anyone interested in blogging. From beginner to advanced there is a real “people” feeling about it. You get to meet some of the people you have gotten to know through reading their blogs. You could call it Sociology and Blogging 101.

Fall is definitely in the air with the colour beginning to expand in the trees. When you start seeing that you know summer is just about gone and those short sleeve shirts aren’t going to be worn without a jacket. The real bad part of this time of year is golfing. With all the leaves dropping, hitting a ball just off the fairway usually means a lost ball. As if golf isn’t hard enough.

Author: tinfoiling


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