Tough day at work. Some internal stuff happened that needed fixing so most people stayed until 9 last night. Everyone was a wee bit tired today, not their usual fresh selves. And of course the new printer was jamming with the smaller paper. Every printer or photocopier seems to have a character all its own. You seem to be able to coax the best out of the older ones with the newer ones just not taking any direction. And it doesn’t matter what type of printer — paper always gets jammed in the most remote and inaccessible areas of the print mechanism. Went to lunch too late today. You know you should have gotten there earlier when all the staff are sitting around eating and you are just finishing up. The only people left are you, the staff and those customers that don’t need to get back to a job right away. Work is such a joy. It really is a culture unto itself.

25 thoughts on “Work

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