When you view what has taken place in New Orleans these last few days you begin to realize the horror of the situation. It is hard to image that a whole city, or most of it, is underwater. The most affected are the poor and those that did not have the means to leave when notified. Nature can sometimes only be viewed from a distance.

At this time of the year I am always reminded of the Doors song about summer being almost gone. Suddenly you realize that school is starting and the regular grind of everyday life is just around the corner. Of course we enjoy the habitual routines don’t we? Life would get very boring without some diversity. Yet at the same time every summer is different, no too being exactly alike. This Saturday one of my old schoolmates holds a BBQ and most of the old gang gets together. That BBQ really shows how much each of us has aged as not everyone shows up each year. Somewhat depressing.

And why this picture of wood? Someone has been making a bed in the garage for the past 6 months and these are the parts that soon will be assembled. The garage is filled with the beautiful scent of cut and sanded wood. That and the smell of fresh baked bread…some of lifes simple pleasures.

I had an e-mail from a distant family member in New Zealand. She had been searching the internet and came across my blog. That was a nice surprise. Sure makes the world a little smaller.

Author: tinfoiling


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