The car is in the repair shop

I am just waiting for a call from my mechanic to pick up my vehicle. It is in for brakes and a tune-up which hopefully won’t prove costly. It is the first time anything has been done to it after the warranty period. The people we got the vehicle from wanted to get the brakes done 6 months ago and they kept bugging me, but everyone (and you know everyone is a “mechanic” when you ask them for advice) said to wait. Rob, the mechanic we used to go to, said the same thing. When the warranty was over that was it for those dealership guys, back to Rob who has always been good.

CBC Radio had some audio clips on Terry Fox, on the eve of the start of his Canadian marathon, it being 25 years old. On one of the audios he mentions how cancer has touched to lives of people we know. Now 25 years later my mind reels at the number of people who have had cancer, some making it, others not. Even now there are friends fighting it. I would have to say it is the disease that has affected our family the most. There is a Danish saying that people abhor when they hear it, as it is a curse. It translates “May cancer eat you”. It has to be the most disgusting phrase I have ever heard and no one has to be told why.

Terry Fox is a true hero. He made sure we would have and keep hope in our hearts. That is what cancer can never take away.

Author: tinfoiling


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