And it’s only Tuesday

Was able to pickup two tins of Altoids at London Drugs yesterday for just over $4.00. The Wintergreen “Simulated Flavour” is pretty good but doesn’t beat the Sour Tangerine. Great candies and they seem to last forever. You’ll never buy LifeSavers again. There sure are going to be a lot of Altoid tins lying around my office at home. Now one needs to figure out what to do with them after they are filled with pins, paper clips and thumbtacks.

Dave Winer has a great podcast – A new Morning Coffee Notes about ocean swimming, podcasting as art, Terry Shiavo, my software project, and of course, philosophy.
As always he brings up some very valid points.

Why is there this sudden challenge to podcasting and blogging by some in the news media? Are they upset that there are some alternate sources of information and opinion? Is it because this new view is available fairly easily? I find the opinions, in most cases, are more in tune to everyday thinking. The blogging/podcasting point of view fits better with what I have been thinking and isn’t such a foreign concept to understand. That’s not to say that what anyone says is always agreeable. The best part is that you can debate as much as you like. There is something important about the nature of who is writing/broadcasting – they are doing it because they LIKE TO DO IT. There is some joy in what they are offering. It isn’t a Monday to Friday paid job. The form they take is much freer and not so compressed into a specific format. And it is much more direct and to the point. The pre-ambles are not necessary. It really seems to be an experience of a our culture with a strong connection to people and their thoughts and what their lives are focussed on. It makes one feel a bit more human.

there…finito. Listening to Elliot Smith. Sure miss his music.

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2 thoughts on “And it’s only Tuesday

  1. Oh, I have the latest Elliot Smith CD! I just put the mp3s (ripped off the CD) onto my iPod Shuffle last night.

    Despite my music school background, I’m not into podcasting, particularly. I guess the internet is more of a visual medium to me.

    However, this hasn’t stopped me from getting involved in the Vancouver beercasts!

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