Lazy Sundays

Last night we went to visit some old family friends. We were able to see some new babies and visit with their parents. The fathers of the kids, who are twins themselves, live in Edmonton and Norway. It is amazing to be with people who you have known all their lives that have changed in some ways and not in others. People seem to always remain the same. It is like there is this core personality and that is who the person is, period. They get older, have different interests, get married, whatever— but their sense of humour, their mannerisms, their articulation remains the same. You can’t put a finger on what it is exactly but you know it is them. And no two people are the same.

The rain has finally arrived in the amounts we are used to. And with any rainy Sunday afternoon the household seems to just shut down. It is re-charging time for the upcoming week, which is shorter than usual because of Easter.

Author: tinfoiling


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