Life’s Circles

Everyone that you come into contact with has his or her own circle of life. Let me explain. We all live within a realm of people, places and time. There really isn’t much else in the day. But each of us exist in a truly unique environment not only by what we think and what our senses appreciate but also our individual perception of all those components. And this fluidity that is “us” is constant. Our family, friends and passing acquaintances each move themselves into our circle to create that experience. We can disengage from people to consider that static world around us, be it man-made or natural. Time always is moving no matter what.

I think therefore I am. I think therefore time moves. I think– so what happens when I don’t? Sometimes your brain hurts from all the thinking. In this day and age the appreciation of silence and stillness isn’t such a bad idea.

Author: tinfoiling


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