Sushi time

Had a very interesting lunch today with my favourite ad agency, Currency. The account manager and I talked about blogs and what businesses were about to venture into with this new form of communication. The relevancy of the blog is going to be different for each business as the “wall of silence” begins to erode. Some interesting times are ahead for businesses that don’t or won’t change or use this process.

We also discussed the need for a new type of conference centre, one that isn’t part of a hotel with the typical white table cloth setup for food and beverages. We could really use the American model here. Last year at the Seattle Conference for GTD the venue was fantastic. If you took a break, outside of the meeting room was a good counter (not table) that would have bowls of different types of candies and just great snack stuff. And the bowls never went empty! The other neat thing was you took your own break (except for lunch) so when you got a bit drowsy you could go out and grab a drink and snack. It sure came in handy at about 4:09 p.m. when the eyelids got heavy. Now wouldn’t that setting be a little better than heading out for stale pastries or giant cookies at exactly 3:15 pm. Lots of possibilities here.

Two more meetings today. Gotta luv those meetings. There should declare one weekday a year as non-meeting day. We sometimes need less human interaction to complete our workloads.

Sunny and warm. Wonder what its like on the Prairies?

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