Last day of Feburary

Should have gone fishing today but there was a ton of chores backed up that needed to be done. And the sunshine ended.

Yesterday was the day of the 2 hour walk. It is always interesting to walk with the iPod as the music sometimes brings what you are walking into a very different focus. Passing all those giant trees on Burnaby Mountain you have to wonder why every single one of these once magnificent trees had to be cut down. Think about it. In all the Lower Mainland where are all those ancient trees? We just see the stumps. Couldn’t those “pioneers” just kept a few for following generations? We’ve been left a legacy of stumps.

Politics is in the air. The signs are up just like the dandelions. We ran into our local NDP candidate and had an interesting talk. He has some interesting ideas. It should be an interesting election.

Finally found a place that sold Callard & Bowser Altoids – Citrus Sours. These are the best sour candies made. The label state “Curiously Strong’. There’s even an expiry date on the side of the tin. Yes tin. After all the citrus sours our gone you have a neat little metal tin for storage of you every increasing stuff!

Was down at Memphis Blues on Commercial for lunch today . Just amazing food that you can’t taste anywhere else but the deep south. And the blues music playing is great. There goes the cholesterol.

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