Cycles of confusion

With all the expertise out there attempting to making sense of what is happening in the economic realm we can now view the total diversity of opinions from the ‘experts’. Again this goes to show how difficult the problem is and any attempt to solve it will not be singular in any aspect. 

Did we get into this mess by over consumption? If so it will take longer than expected to change individuals daily habits and businesses that are visioned for unlimited growth. One of the best sources of information where I work is the discussions you are able to have with such a variety of people. Most are not overly optimistic about the future. They see an eventual change in the long term but are confused and apprehensive about the immediate future. There are just too many events that have taken place at an individual’s level to go unnoticed. These could be their neighbour loosing their job, cutback on hours for a friend, sales of a home at a level that was not realized or even the recent increase in the price of food. There hasn’t been anything that is concretely positive to change this mindset.

How long will these cycles of confusion last? Who really knows. Spring and good weather always tend to get us moving again and out of our hibernation mode. But if there is one sentiment that appears at every occasion it is caution. People are just more cautious when they make economic decisions. That may be a bold step for some but it is also long overdue. Caution and common sense were not the norms before.

Twitter and the new search function

Take a look at this post at TwiTip as Chris Allison explains some of the features of the newly released Twitter search function. 

I have been using the search function on the iPhone application Tweetie for over a month now and have found it an extremely useful function. Twitter has expanded that functionality by a huge factor. You really need to just dive into this and try a few of the searches out. I tried the near:abbotsford function and quickly saw a huge list of people getting over last nights hangover. That gives a new perspective of Abbotsford for sure. Chris points to a phrase the hive mind which seems very applicable in trying to grasp what is happening here. (and of course there is a definition on Wikipedia!) 

Something came through loud and clear at the recent NorthernVoice conference. The strict borders that were voiced 5 years ago that people and businesses don’t mix that well in blogging and social media have passed. Mainstream media and valued businesses are accepted in what they present through any social media means. Sure they are filtered but the platform allows them to speak. The rigid pendulum has moved. Twitter seems to be the rage and not just a passing fashion. With the search function and this view of the hive mind, you can begin to realize another paradigm shift about to happen or has happened. The ‘wisdom of crowds’ can be viewed as an actual dynamic knowledge pool. 

Once again we can see a wave of change about to occur. Our world gets smaller, bigger, adds a new dimension or garners an attribute that we could only think about a few years ago. Of course there will those were changes are not viewed with any admiration, only suspicion. Those that can attempt to try something different will once again have a unique learning experience. For me, anything that makes meaning is what life is all about. Search on!

The Italian Deli

Just about every Monday (it is a day off) I head up to Hastings Street to the Ortona Deli to pick up lunchmeat. It never ends up with just lunchmeat. There is always something else to try.

The store isn’t that big. One big aisle down the centre with shelving and dry goods on one side and the meat and cheese window coolers on the other. You have to look pretty carefully to find things but over the years you find some gems.

Barilla pasta. This is pasta that you can boil for 10 minutes and it is still firm. It never gets pasty or soft. I have made a meal of some linguine, added olive oil and then fresh ground pepper and freshly grated Romano cheese (a cheese named after Rome having been made for over 2,00 years). Now I understand why Italians love pasta.

Cambozola. This is a blue veined cheese made up of Gorgonzola and Camembert. Creamy with a tartness that you need to limit yourself from eating it all, at once

Casa Giullia Amarene jam – sour black cherry. Not sweet but pleasant. Filled with actual cherries.I find the jar much too small.

Callipo Tuna in Olive Oil. You will never go back to Tuna in water again. 

Today my find was olives, Sicilian olives. The are large, light green, pitted olives that have a bit of a spicy taste to them. They are very firm with a bit of a crunch to them. Very different from Calamata or Morrocan olives.

It does seem that some of the fondest pleasures are not too far from your door step. I always look forward to Monday mornings.