Blogging on holidays

OK I will only blog on anything BUT work during the holiday period.


Interesting point of view on the recent development with Dave Sifry. I met Dave a few years ago at Northern Voice. He understands business and people. Though it was a tough choice it will take Technorati to the next level.


Downloading just got much easier. The new interface is very good, in fact so good you don’t need a stand alone program.

With the picture library getting cleaned up (and being on holidays) there will be more downloads at the Tinfoiling flickr site.

The New Pornographers

Their new album is out – Challengers. The reviews are good (would one expect anything different?) I like “Mutiny, I Promise You” as the catchiest of them all. It is indie melodic at its best (with a hint of Vancouveresque).

Holidays, holidays, holidays

It has taken a week but finally it does seem like the holiday has begun. Haven’t done much but golf and smack a bunch of balls at the driving range. We were going to head south this week to Western Washington but our plan didn’t hold up and so far the weather has been less than nice. This week is catching up with friends, reading, and getting a handle on the volumes of pictures that we’ve taken over the last year. I am seriously trying not to think about work.

What is in a motto?

Various businesses have some fairly simple but easy to remember mottos. The one that comes to mind the easiest is Avis – we’re no. 2 (it was Avis, wasn’t it?) or Wendy’s – where the beef? They sum up a core value or core principle but blanket it around the marketing message they want to establish.
Social networking is beginning to be realized as a comprehensive social phenomena. One important aspect that is being experienced is when the social networks meet face to face. Attending an event is like meeting an old pen pal. Key to this is that there is a human interaction that goes beyond the digital characters we view everyday.
Now credit unions have a very enviable position. We always have had members not customers. Members belong to something. Customers consume. We have that experience by maintaining a service culture over a sales culture (though some may differ here). As we move into developing and being part of social networking and as people begin to experience and see what it is, it can only augment who and what we are.
The credit union I work for has a motto – “Where neighbours bank”. And our agency of choice (Tim’s Bunch) presented a marketing byline ‘ “Keeping it fresh”. That puts two 3 word phrases into our daily actions. Easy to remember but sometimes difficult to to consider as a continuing action. What they do is define the culture we work in a little clearer. That is more important than a marketing motto.

Hardware and the upgrade process

We are moving our banking server to a Linux system with a new Dell server. It is very surprising to see what you can buy now as compared to just a few years ago. One looks forward, thinks of how things could be in two years, and when the two years arrive you still can’t believe the forward progress. Which brings me to this point. Are we using the potential of the hardware we have available today? Everytime there is a hardware jump it takes time for the software to catch up to it’s potential. With the release of the new Macs this week we quickly upgraded some older machines, not to the new ones, but to the ones the retailers just dropped the prices on. The savings are pretty good (except our provincial government now has an environmental surcharge attached) and depending on what is needed you can usually fill the need fairly easily. The server is a different story. We need the CPU power in order to get the work done in a quicker fashion. What it again boils down to is the user. What they need vs what they want. Funny how that objective vs subjective view seems to become apparent so often.


There go the credit union assets

I usually try to be around the front door when the credit union closes. Though I am of no use in balancing the MSR’s there are usually some other tasks that need to be taken care of. And everyone gets to chat a bit about how the day went, who the good members were, what unique events happened and generally just try to wind down a bit before heading home.

As the staff leave I am reminded of what someone told me about their company at a similar time. He said he usually looks out at the parking lot as the staff leaves and thinks “There goes the company’s assets”. And he is right. The thought crosses my mind more often than nought that as the staff leave so goes the credit union assets. We wouldn’t be close to being the credit union we are without those people. They are the living and breathing assets that give the face to this institution. And without them we would not exist. By the way Mt. Lehman Credit Union’s 65th birthday was on Monday August 6th. Funny none of that staff looked at all like 65!

It has got to be summer time

This past week has been hectic – work, home, weddings, football game, re-setting alarms in the early morning and typical holiday traffic on the freeway. So not much in the way of writing or reading. This morning I was working on my site at MediaTemple and inadvertantly deleted a WordPress setup. Whoops! That lead to a bit of exploring and I finally made some headway understanding how some of these features work. Now I am thinking about moving some things around but it will take time. MediaTemple has to be one of the best hosting companies I have seen since Wimsey. Anyway it’s BC Day today and time to get outside.