Old pictures

When I got home from work tonight my wife, daughter-in-law and a friend were doing scrapbooking at the kitchen table. They had a pile of old pictures strewn across the table, sorting them into little black boxes. This is a serious hobby. Why? Where else can you see a dozen different types of siscors, 50 types of gel pens, corner cutters, hole punchers of every shape and size, different types of papers and stickers, stickers, stickers. This is heavy duty. Nostalgia at its finest. Cut, paste, scribble, print. Sort of like grade one except you can’t eat this glue.

So I went through a batch of old pictures. Amazing. There was one there of my wife when she was 20 years old. Funny how all those old first love memories come flooding back. We could even remember the day the picture was taken (she was mad at me for something). There is still a box of them to view, enough for a lifetime of memories to live again.

Cold April

Yesterday was at the University Golf Club for a golf tournament. It was supposed to rain and didn’t even try. But man was it cold! It felt like a round in November. And then when you skull the ball the vibration up the shaft hits your hands and OUCH! The wind seemed to just go through you. We have all had cold rounds but most everyone agreed that was close to number one. All the suppliers had nice buckets of ice with water and pop. Sorry, wrong temperature. No one had a hot drink. Our foresome didn’t do so bad but at the dinner and prize draw I came home with a red and yellow Taylormade golf bag. Very nice way to end a memorable day even if my better half has laid claim on the bag.

The story of the fridge

or “Men creating order out of chaos, women creating chaos out of order”

Men will always put items back in the fridge where they originally found them. It is much easier to find them then. But women sabotage us. They move stuff around. Then when we ask for help finding stuff they always say men can never find anything. They seem to want to prove their superiority by confusing us. And sometimes women think we are confused, which of course is not the case. If women would only put things back where they found them, the fridge would be a much happier place.


I am reading ‘The Stewardship of Life in the Kingdom of Death’ by Douglas John Hall. In it he writes:

‘It is the same with our conceptualizing of the totality the whole of reality. We can give so much loyalty to our own intellectual-spritual pre-understanding of the world that the world as it acutually is has a hard time getting through to us. In fact, we use our ideas about the world to shield ourselves from the real world.’

This seems to be the normal behaviour of most. By our pre-defining the world, and to such a large extent as we grow older this pre-definition grows, we loose sight of what that real world is. Is that why when we encounter a 4 year old we are overwhelmed by the innocence and wonderful view of the world that they have to offer? That they have yet to define it and as such can just see the world through a fresh set of eyes? After reading this I can see the challenge of constant re-definitions or even getting to the point of existing at times without any definitions. We also seem to create ideas that perform their duty to keep reality at bay.

There is a word that is becoming popular these days – lenses. That says something about the way we view things.

Have a blessed Easter!

A hockey game

Tonight it is off to the hockey game against the Ducks. It seems they are going to have to win the next games in order to make the playoffs. When you have grown up here you take your sports seriously at times but tend not to go overboard. Why? Because Vancouver teams always tend to disappoint the fans (BC Lions, Grizzlies, need more be said?). Tonight could be a very good game with Burke and Carlyle there. The biggest surprise may be the grin on their faces if they win.

And Mikelson wins the Masters. Another point for us lefthanders. Someone I know had Mikelson’s as their pick in a pool at their golf club. The win will probably be worth $800 for him. Mikelson wins $1.25 million or so.

I am reading Douglas Adams – The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Is this book funny. There is some unique humour here that just makes you laugh out loud. Imagine Thor the god of thunder being glued to the floor by his father Odin and asking a woman for help in removing the floor pieces from his back. See— you really are going to have to read it to understand this plot.

Income tax filed. Refund coming back. Thought I would owe them money this year so hesitated doing the return. Was wrong. They have had my money and now it needs to come back. But if you do the return early and owe them money then you just stress out that they are owed more. In the final analysis if it has anything to do with taxes it just is going to be an annoyance you have to live with.


The Globe and Mail has some interesting letters concerning the women who does not want her child to receive a form that would allow her to receive a bible. It isn’t the fact that she receives a bible it is only that she has a choice to receive a bible.

Now in this day and age when someone asks a question, you do have a choice. In most instances an elevated society would then state that the person questioned would then answer. It seems a bit backwards to ask someone not to ask the question, at all. I was wondering how advertising in schools is then viewed. There you don’t get a chance, it just sits in your face. But then that is all about money which is always more important than theology. Money will always carry you through any of life’s crises, right?

A full day…

I was out at Currency early this morning having a meeting about our upcoming campaign. As always they have come up with exactly the approach that fits perfectly with us. You get a sense when working on these things that there is a synergy that really moves ideas and thoughts exactly to the place they need to be. When we look back over the past few years at what we have had done and see where we are going it still all fits together with nothing out on the limb. I am pretty excited about this as once again we are going to be doing something that makes our difference a key element on what we do and how we are viewed. It took a few months to get there but creativity is not something you can turn on or off. It is like jello, it has to set a while.

What a difference an hour makes! I was out for a quick walk tonight. It was sunset. And everyone and everyone’s dog was out for a walk. Kids were out with their basketballs, little kids in their designer buggies ( they must call these things something else and definitely not baby buggies) dogs leashed and unleashed and just that new vibrant green that seems to be oozing out everywhere. Spring has sprung!

Sunday, Sunday

Was out for a walk this afternoon. At 14 degrees it was actually warm. We don’t have to have many reasons as to why we live here when you can see this everywhere.

This is a good one (from goddess spiral)
Book Meme
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 161.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of this sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.
As noted on goddess spiral my results from Douglas Adams’ – the Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul was: “Huh?’
Things can never cease to amaze us huh?

Guy Kawasaki has a great write up on how to remain sane. We all need that! He also describes a blogger: Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.